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“Only with the power of the water we can solve the clogging problems whether underground or surface.

Always complying with all the standards required by the Ministry of the Environment we are the ideal partner in the search for a cleaner and conserved environment.”

Gregório Cardoso – Manager
We are a company specialized in drains cleaning and are implemented in the Algarve market for about 30 years thqat combines its long experience and professionalism with the highest Dutch and German technology. 

We have specialized, young, dynamic and professional teams capable of analyzingand responding quickly and effectively to any obstruction problem as well as detecting resolution and advising of possible problems in the infrastructures both domestically and industrially.
always with the same goal; to meet the needs of the client with the hights quality and professionalism.

Our company use the most advanced technology equipment such as:

Cleaning Equipments
- High presuure machine, roots cutting, combi truck;

Detection Equipments 
- underground sewage boxes and pipes detector as well water leak detector;

Inspection Equipments
- video cameras for sewage pipes or specific video cameras for swimming pool pipes;

Aspiration Equipment
- Vacuum trucks for suction of septick tanks, sewage boxes, collectors, separators, among others.